WEL – The universal key for all services of Vutrades and the IDshare ecosystem

What is WEL?

WEL, the main token of the Welups platform, was born with the ultimate goal of becoming the basic unit that connects all of the vast IDshare ecosystems. Like the world’s Gold, all transactions in the platform can be paid for or measured through WEL. Currently, WEL is accepted on a various platforms from financial transactions such as NEEBank, NEEX, PAYATRADE, to utility services such as Vugo, Vuhouse, VuIN, or even e-commerce platforms such as PAYAWE. com

So why WEL?

Based on Digital Identify Blockchain technology 3.0 that makes WEL token is extra secure, easy for transaction and has higher investment potential than ever but still ensuring the advantages of decentralization, untraceable of cryptocurrency.

What can WEL be used for?

Not only restrained to the financial field, thanks to its easy and secure transaction, WEL was soon accepted in a large ecosystem of services and utilities for life.

On Vutrades, you can use WEL to invest, trading, rent a robot or use it for financial-entertainment services like BO game, betting, or casino. All of your activities cannot be interrupted or traced except by yourself On Vugo you can use WEL to pay for car services like parking, care, maintenance, or even buy and sell cars With Vuhouse and Vucare, you can use WEL to freely trade p2p other digital NFT assets from phones, computers, pictures … to value ones like homes and real estate. Everything is transparent and safe based on mutual consensus

Using WELwallet, you will find various ways to passive money such as depositing, staking, or lending. You don’t have to care about the market anymore, just create an investment in Welwallet and wait for income. Isn’t that great?

You can also easily convert WEL to cash through NEEX although we do not recommend this. Keeping WEL is easier and profitable than keep a bunch of cash that becomes more and more devalued over time

A promising future

With the continued expansion of partners accepted WEL in their ecosystems, a future where WEL will be used to all financial, services, or utilities across Asia will be not so long. Now is a good time to buy WEL in its IEO phase. You will get the most favorable price to maximize your profits before the WEL goes into public exchanges and get a spike in 2022.