Vutrades is the exchange developed and supported by the WELUPS Platform. Aiming for a new way to exchange not only cryptocurrency but also other assets.

Built on the most advanced IDshare-base and Blockchain technology, Vutrades provide a fast, safe and effective way to trade and make profits.

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Multi Token accept

Diversity in Tokens
We accepted WEL, NEE, PAYA, USDex and more

Power by NEEBANK

power and guaranteed by NEEBANK, PAYAWE, OMALAND, NEENOTE, VUWO

Variety servicers

Trades, invest, game, bet, casino….

IDshare ecosystem

Use all of the services in our large ecosystem with one and only account


We are the most cutting-edge IDshare-base and blockchain-base exchanges

With not only a wide range of servicers and powerful ecosystem but also secured and trustworthy, using VUTRADES, anyone can trade cryptocurrency and NFT assets worldwide easily and safely.

Built for a long term expand, we have the guaranteed from NEEBANK and our Partners : PAYAWE, OMALAND, NEENOTE, VUWO …

  • Trading and investing
  • Money exchange
  • Robot
  • Game
  • Bet
  • Casino

We commit to a safe, fast and stable environment for worldwide financial activities

You will be a part of future tendency where your business is fast, safe, and untraceable.

  • Fast and safe with IDshare and Blockchain technology
  • Can not be interrupt or trace by other except you
  • Can trade other NFT assets like houses and cars with just 1 click
  • We accepted various type of token, include WEL, NEE, PAYA, USDex
  • Easy to use, easy to trade, easy to make profits

We bring together Wealth and Utilities

Vutrades and Welups platform provide tons of ways for you to make WEL and enjoy your life with it. earning WEL from trading cryptocurrency and other NFT assets or from playing games, betting, or casino.
In term of using WEL, we integrate a variety of utilities like robots, car management, car maintenance etc and of course, you can exchange for fiat money too

A big chance for Investers

WEL, The Welups Ecosystem main cryptocurrency is going to IEO this June in Vutrades with a good price start at only $0.001 . It will be a cleave investment if you can buy it in the first stage of IEO with the lowest price because WEL cryptocurrency has a promising future that analysts had predicted that its value will reach at least $1 per WEL in 2023. WEL cryptocurrency can reach that height because it had been supported by large banks, company, and services systems like NeeBank, OMALand, PAYAWE, Welups… Furthermore, it is going to become the main currency of a large-scale ecosystem provided by IDshare and IDshare-based apps


In the News

  • Initial coin offerings have lost their appeal in recent years — instead, many crypto projects have started raising funds using an initial exchange offering.Known as an IEO for short, this is where a cryptocurrency exchange oversees the token sale. The benefits are clear: blockchain projects go through a comprehensive vetting process where their white paper

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Token Sale

WEL Release Plan

Token WEL
IEO: June 15, 2021, Tuesday, 10:00 AM (GMT+4)
First Phase: June 15, 2021, to July 15, 2021
Second Phase: July 15, 2021, to  November 15, 2021
Exchange rate: 1 WEL = 0.001 USD  (1st Phase)
Project protocol: TRC20

Payment Methods

WEL Token payment method

Pre-register at https://vutrades.com and http://Welups.com and follow the instructions to get WEL and start your investment




PRICE $0.0010
START TIME 2021/06/15 – 10:00:00
END TIME 2021/07/14 – 23:59:00



PRICE $0.0012
START TIME 2021/07/15 – 12:00:00
END TIME 2021/08/14 – 23:59:00



PRICE $0.0013
START TIME 2021/08/15 – 12:00:00
END TIME 2021/09/14 – 23:59:00



PRICE $0.0016
START TIME 2021/09/15 – 12:00:00
END TIME 2021/10/14 – 23:59:00



PRICE $0.0018
START TIME 2021/10/15 – 12:00:00
END TIME 2021/11/14 – 23:59:00



PRICE $0.0022
START TIME 2021/11/15 – 12:00:00
END TIME 2021/12/14 – 23:59:00

How to get WEL

WEL is a token followed Proof of Stake (PoS) concept and you have various ways to get WEL in Vutrades exchanges. If you are finding a token to maximize your investment, WEL is your best choice not only because of its is widely accepted and easy to liquidity but also its promising future There are a few ways to get WEL :

  • Buy WEL at the IEO in Vutrades exchanges this June for the best price
  • Trade from other tokens in Vutrades
  • Through Welcredit by making an NFT of your asset in VuWo, Neebank will let you have a credit extension to invest
  • From trade BO. Win in the hand of discerning investor
  • Reward for win the Bet in Vutrades! Luck is a talent too!
  • internal sell 5%

  • 10% IEO Sell

  • 20% For VUTRADES and its ecosysterm Development

  • 10% For VUCARE and its ecosysterm Development

  • 10% For IDshare and its ecosysterm Development

  • 10% For VUGO and its ecosysterm Development

  • 10% For VUHOUSE and its ecosysterm Development

  • 25% For Blockchain WELUPS and its ecosysterm Development