Dear valued customers, thank you for your interest in using VUTRADES’s services the whole time.

We are currently upgrading our service to prepare for the new product. During this time, registration for new packages in WEL on VUTRADES will be temporarily suspended.   

Suspension period: From 15 November 2021 until further notice.

Please note that all packages registered before 15 November 2021  are fully operational and customers will receive interest normally.


VUTRADES was established in 2021 with the headquarters in Dubai, owned by VUWO, one of the leading financial and technology groups in Asia. Built as a Dapp (decentralized application) in the Welup platform, VUTRADES had put an important milestone in the evolution of blockchain technology and Dapps in financial as well as life quality. VUTRADES is an exchange where you can trade, invest in 4.0 cryptocurrency and NFT crypto assets using the most advanced blockchain technology in the world. Not restricted in exchange and investment, Vutrades also has built-in tools for you to maximize your income like margin, lending, staking, etc., and projects such as game, bet, and casino.


WEL is a WELUPS MainNet token based on the TRC20 Token Standard and issued by Omanee.

WEL is the basic unit of accounts on the VUTRADES exchange and the value of all other tokens derives from that of WEL. In VUTRADES, we are using WEL as a natural medium currency for all trades, contracts, and services. In other words, WEL connects the entire WELUPS ecosystem, with abundant application scenarios that power transactions and applications on the chain.