About us


VUTRADES was established in 2021 with the headquarters in Dubai, owned by VUWO, one of the leading financial and technology groups in Asia. Built as a Dapp (decentralized application) in the Welup platform, VUTRADES had put an important milestone in the evolution of blockchain technology and Dapps in financial as well as life quality VUTRADES is an exchange where you can trade, invest in 4.0 cryptocurrency and NFT crypto assets using the most advanced blockchain technology in the world. Not restricted in exchange and investment, Vutrades also has built-in tools for you to maximize your income like margin, lending, staking … and projects such as game, bet, and casino

A truly globalized and liberalized economy, with the cornerstone is blockchain and IDshare technology. Transactions and exchanges around the world will be easy and secure than ever. Therefore, Liberalization and globalization will bring significant improvements to the life quality of people around the world

Our Mission

Vutrades has an important mission in building the next-gen financial ecosystem based on blockchain technology. Ones that focus on globalization and eliminated barriers of the out-of-date financial. To do that, Vutrades will constantly innovate and improve the user experience. As a result, everyone will be able to trade and invest with 4.0 cryptocurrency as simply and conveniently as possible, be premises to make cryptocurrency become a “real currency”, recognized and grown in parallel with the national currency

VuTrades’s goal is to provide a real decentralized financial center with all the capabilities and services needed for everyone. Thereby bringing the next-gen digital financial for billions of users all around the world.